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neo::CommandMessageId Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for neo::CommandMessageId:
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Public Member Functions

 CommandMessageId (UINT notifyCode, HWND control)
 CommandMessageId (UINT notifyCode, UINT_PTR idOfControl)
 CommandMessageId (UINT notifyCode, UINT_PTR idOfControl, HWND control)
CommandMessageIdControl (HWND control)
CommandMessageIdControlId (UINT_PTR id)
CommandMessageIdNotifyCode (UINT code)
- Public Member Functions inherited from neo::MessageId
 MessageId (UINT message)
bool EqualOrSpecializationOf (const MessageId &rhs) const
 For map lookup.
bool operator< (const MessageId &rhs) const
 For sorting.
bool operator== (const MessageId &rhs) const
void SetParam1 (UINT_PTR param)
void SetParam2 (UINT_PTR param)
void SetParam3 (UINT_PTR param)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from neo::MessageId
UINT message
UINT paramMask

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