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\NneoAll declaration for neoWidgets are in this namespace
 oCBitmapBitmap handle
 oCBitmapDataWraps the creation of a BITMAP struct from a HBITMAP
 oCClientDCA client device context allows drawing to the client area of a window
 oCComPtrSmart pointer to COM classes
 oCConfigInterface for all configuration classes
 oCControlBase class for standard Windows controls
 oCControlParamHolds optional control parameters
 oCDCUnmanaged device context, to allow the user to call IDC functions on arbitrary DCs
 oCDeviceContextIFInterface for device context functions
 oCDibSectionDevice independent bitmap
 oCDynamicLibEncapsulates loading of DLLs
 oCFileContains the basic functions for file reading/writing
 oCFileSearchWrapper for the FindFirstFile API
 |\CiteratorIterator for STL algorithm integration
 oCFileSearchItemData about a file system item found by FileSearch
 oCFontFont handle
 oCFontParamsFont parameters with everything set to default
 oCGdiObjectBasic GDI class that automatically deletes the handle
 oCHatchBrushBrush handle
 oCHeaderCtrlTODO: needs methods
 oCiniConfigConfiguration that writes to an ini-file
 oCListBoxIFCommon interface for ListBox and ComboBox
 oCListCtrlTODO: needs methods
 |oCColumnDataUsed to get or set values of a list column
 |\CItemDataUsed to get or set values of a list item
 oCLoadedLibRetrieves address of already loaded DLL
 oCMemoryDCMemory device contexts attach themselves to a bitmap
 oCMessageWrap parameters of WndProc in a struct. Can be used for any message
 oCMessageIdUnified message identifier
 oCPaintDCA paint device context can only be called inside the WM_PAINT message handler
 oCPathManipulation of Windows-style path strings
 oCPatternBrushBrush handle
 oCPenPen handle
 oCPointWindows POINT structure with constructor
 oCRectWindows RECT structure with constructor
 oCRegistryConfigConfiguration that writes to the Window registry
 oCSaveRestoreDCWraps SaveDC in an object oriented way
 oCScrollBarIFCommon interface for all scrollbars
 oCSizeWindows SIZE structure with constructor
 oCSolidBrushBrush handle
 oCTextBoxIFCommon interface for TextBox and ComboBox
 oCWindowGeneral purpose window
 oCWindowBaseThe big window class that every other class descends from
 oCWindowModalThis window can enter a modal message loop
 oCWindowParamCreation parameters for the Window class
 oCWindowScrollBarRepresents the scrollbars attached to the sides of a window
 oCWindowScrollBarHHorizontal window scrollbar
 oCWindowScrollBarVVertical window scrollbar