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neo::TextBoxIF Class Referenceabstract

Common interface for TextBox and ComboBox. More...

#include <ControlTypes.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool CanRedo ()
virtual bool CanUndo ()
virtual void Copy ()
virtual void Cut ()
virtual HWND GetEditHWND () const =0
virtual tstring GetHint () const
int GetInsertionPoint ()
virtual int GetLastPosition () const
virtual int GetMargin () const
virtual void GetSelection (int &from, int &to)
virtual tstring GetTextRange (int from, int to)
tstring GetTextSelection ()
virtual void Paste ()
virtual void Redo ()
void Remove (int from, int to)
virtual void Replace (int from, int to, const tstring &text)
virtual void SelectAll ()
virtual void SelectNone ()
virtual void SetHint (const tstring &hint)
void SetInsertionPoint (int pos)
void SetInsertionPointEnd ()
virtual void SetMargin (int x)
virtual void SetMaxLength (int len)
virtual void SetSelection (int from, int to)
virtual void Undo ()

Detailed Description

Common interface for TextBox and ComboBox.

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