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neo::TextBox Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Create (HWND parent, const Rect &r, const ControlParam &p=ControlParam())
virtual HWND GetEditHWND () const override
virtual int GetLastPosition () const override
int GetLineCount () const
int GetLineLength (int lineIndex)
tstring GetLineText (int lineIndex)
TCHAR GetPasswordChar ()
bool IsMultiLine () const
bool IsReadOnly () const
bool PositionToXY (int pos, int &x, int &y)
void SetPasswordChar (TCHAR c)
void SetReadOnly (bool readonly)
int XYToPosition (int x, int y) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from neo::Control
void Create (HWND parent, const tstring &clsName, const tstring &text, const Rect &r, DWORD style, DWORD exStyle, int id, NEO_WINDOW_MODE mode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from neo::WindowBase
 WindowBase (const WindowBase &rhs)
void Attach (HWND handle, NEO_WINDOW_MODE mode)
template<typename MESSAGE >
void Bind (UINT message, void(*function)(MESSAGE &))
template<typename MESSAGE , typename FUNCTOR >
void Bind (UINT message, FUNCTOR function)
template<typename CLASS , typename MESSAGE , typename HANDLER >
void Bind (UINT message, void(CLASS::*function)(MESSAGE &), HANDLER *handler)
template<typename MESSAGE >
void Bind (const MessageId &message, void(*function)(MESSAGE &))
template<typename MESSAGE , typename FUNCTOR >
void Bind (const MessageId &message, FUNCTOR function)
template<typename CLASS , typename MESSAGE , typename HANDLER >
void Bind (const MessageId &message, void(CLASS::*function)(MESSAGE &), HANDLER *handler)
void Clear ()
void Create (DWORD exStyle, const tstring &cls, const tstring &text, DWORD style, const Rect &r, HWND parent, HMENU menu, NEO_WINDOW_MODE mode)
LRESULT DefaultWndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wp, LPARAM lp)
void Destroy ()
void DragAcceptFiles (bool accept=true)
void Enable (bool enable)
LRESULT GenerateMessage (UINT message, WPARAM wp, LPARAM lp) const
Rect GetClientRect () const
DWORD GetExStyle () const
HFONT GetFont () const
HWND GetHandle () const
HICON GetIcon (bool bigIcon) const
DWORD GetID () const
HMENU GetMenu () const
HWND GetParentHandle () const
Rect GetRectOnParent () const
DWORD GetStyle () const
tstring GetText () const
Rect GetWindowRect () const
void Hide ()
bool Invalidate (const RECT *rect=0, bool eraseBkgnd=true)
bool IsEnabled () const
bool IsMessageHandlerBound (UINT message) const
bool IsVisible () const
void KillTimer (int timerID)
void ModifyStyle (DWORD add, DWORD remove)
void Move (int x, int y, bool redraw=true)
void Move (const POINT &p, bool redraw=true)
void Move (int x, int y, int width, int height, bool redraw=true)
void Move (const POINT &p, const SIZE &s, bool redraw=true)
void Move (const RECT &r, bool redraw=true)
 operator HWND () const
WindowBaseoperator= (const WindowBase &rhs)
bool Redraw (const RECT *rect=0, HRGN region=0, UINT flags=RDW_INVALIDATE|RDW_UPDATENOW|RDW_ERASE)
void SetClientSize (int width, int height)
HWND SetFocus ()
void SetFont (HFONT font, bool redraw=true)
HICON SetIcon (HICON icon, bool bigIcon)
void SetMenu (HMENU menu)
void SetRedraw (bool allowRedraw)
void SetText (const tstring &text)
UINT_PTR SetTimer (int timerID, UINT interval, TIMERPROC proc=0)
void Show (bool show=true)
void UnBind (UINT message)
void UnBind (const MessageId &message)
virtual LRESULT WndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wp, LPARAM lp)
 Can be overridden for old school message handling. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from neo::TextBoxIF
virtual bool CanRedo ()
virtual bool CanUndo ()
virtual void Copy ()
virtual void Cut ()
virtual tstring GetHint () const
int GetInsertionPoint ()
virtual int GetMargin () const
virtual void GetSelection (int &from, int &to)
virtual tstring GetTextRange (int from, int to)
tstring GetTextSelection ()
virtual void Paste ()
virtual void Redo ()
void Remove (int from, int to)
virtual void Replace (int from, int to, const tstring &text)
virtual void SelectAll ()
virtual void SelectNone ()
virtual void SetHint (const tstring &hint)
void SetInsertionPoint (int pos)
void SetInsertionPointEnd ()
virtual void SetMargin (int x)
virtual void SetMaxLength (int len)
virtual void SetSelection (int from, int to)
virtual void Undo ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from neo::WindowBase
static HCURSOR GetDefaultCursor ()
static HFONT GetDefaultFont ()
static HICON GetDefaultIcon ()
static WindowBaseGetWindowFromHWND (HWND _handle)
static void SetDefaultCursor (HCURSOR cursor)
static void SetDefaultFont (HFONT font)
static void SetDefaultIcon (HICON icon)
static LRESULT CALLBACK StaticWndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wp, LPARAM lp)

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