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neo::ControlParam Class Reference

Holds optional control parameters. More...

#include <Control.h>

Public Member Functions

ControlParamAddStyle (DWORD style)
ControlParamComboBox_DropDown ()
ControlParamComboBox_DropDownList ()
ControlParamExStyle (DWORD exStyle)
DWORD GetExStyleOrDefault (DWORD defStyle) const
DWORD GetIdOrDefault () const
DWORD GetStyleOrDefault (DWORD defStyle) const
NEO_WINDOW_MODE GetWindowModeOrDefault () const
ControlParamId (int id)
ControlParamListCtrl_Icon ()
ControlParamListCtrl_List ()
ControlParamListCtrl_Report ()
ControlParamListCtrl_SmallIcon ()
ControlParamScrollBar_Horizontal ()
ControlParamScrollBar_Vertical ()
ControlParamStaticCtrl_HCenter ()
ControlParamStaticCtrl_Left ()
ControlParamStaticCtrl_Right ()
ControlParamStaticCtrl_VCenter ()
ControlParamStyle (DWORD style)
ControlParamTextBox_MultiLine ()
ControlParamWindowMode (NEO_WINDOW_MODE mode)

Detailed Description

Holds optional control parameters.

Member Function Documentation

ControlParam & neo::ControlParam::ExStyle ( DWORD  exStyle)
Most controls do not support any extended style.
ControlParam & neo::ControlParam::Id ( int  id)

Sets the control id. Since we can bind message handlers directly to control, this is seldomly used.

ControlParam & neo::ControlParam::Style ( DWORD  style)

Set the style for the control.

Controls created from this parameter instance will always have WS_CHILD and WS_VISIBLE, so there is no need to specify those.

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