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neo::Rect Struct Reference

Windows RECT structure with constructor. More...

#include <Rect.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Rect (LONG x, LONG y, LONG width, LONG height)
 Rect (const POINT &topleft, const SIZE &size)
 Rect (const POINT &topleft, const POINT &bottomright)
 Rect (const RECT &other)
RectClientToScreen (HWND window)
Size GetSize () const
LONG Height () const
RectInflate (int dx, int dy)
bool Intersect (const RECT &r1, const RECT &r2)
Rect Intersect (const RECT &other) const
bool IsEmpty () const
RectOffset (int dx, int dy)
void operator= (const RECT &other)
bool operator== (const RECT &other) const
bool PtInRect (const POINT &p) const
RectScreenToClient (HWND window)
void Set (const POINT &topleft, const SIZE &size)
void Set (const POINT &topleft, const POINT &bottomright)
Point TopLeft () const
bool Union (const RECT &r1, const RECT &r2)
Rect Union (const RECT &other) const
LONG Width () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Rect DesktopRect ()

Detailed Description

Windows RECT structure with constructor.

Member Function Documentation

static Rect neo::Rect::DesktopRect ( )

Get the coordinates of the whole desktop.

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