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neo::FileDialog Class Reference

#include <FileDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for neo::FileDialog:
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Public Member Functions

 FileDialog (HWND parent, FileDialogEvents *events=0)
void ChangeFlags (FD_FLAGS add, FD_FLAGS remove=0)
 Add or remove flags from the dialog.
FileDialogEventsGetEvents () const
const FileDialogOptionsGetOptions () const
 Get one solid block of options.
HWND GetParentHandle () const
const tstring & GetResult () const
 Retrieves the result after ShowModal() has finished.
const std::vector< tstring > & GetResults () const
 Retrieves multiple result after ShowModal() has finished. Only for OpenFileDialog().
void SetDefaultExtension (const tstring &ext)
 Default extension will be appended to the result if no extension is present.
void SetFilename (const tstring &filename)
 Filename inside the textbox of the dialog.
void SetFilter (const FileTypeFilter &filter)
 Sets a filter for the allowed file types in the dialog.
void SetFilterIndex (UINT index)
 Index corresponds to the filter from SetFilter()
void SetFolder (const tstring &folder)
 Overrides the default starting folder.
void SetMode (FileDialogOptions::MODE mode)
 Switch the general operation mode. Will be used by subclasses on construction.
void SetTitle (const tstring &title)
 Title text of the dialog.
int ShowModal ()
 The dialog is created here.
void SetIdentifier (REFGUID id)
 The file dialog can remember different starting directories based on the identifier.
const GUID * GetIdentifier () const
 The file dialog can remember different starting directories based on the identifier.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnInitIFileDialog (IFileDialog *dialog)

Detailed Description

System dialog for selecting files or directories.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

neo::FileDialog::FileDialog ( HWND  parent,
FileDialogEvents events = 0 
parentHandle of the window that serves as parent for the dialog.
eventsInterface that catches events from the active dialog.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void neo::FileDialog::OnInitIFileDialog ( IFileDialog *  dialog)

Allow subclassing to directly modify the dialog before it is created.

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