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neo::Menu Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Menu (HMENU freeHandle)
 Menu (Menu &&rhs)
void AppendMenu (HMENU menu, const tstring &text)
void AppendSeparator ()
void AppendString (UINT id, const tstring &text)
void Create ()
void CreatePopupMenu ()
HMENU Detach ()
void EnableMenuCommand (UINT command, bool enable)
void EnableMenuItem (UINT index, bool enable)
HMENU GetHandle () const
int GetItemCount () const
void InsertMenu (UINT index, HMENU menu, const tstring &text)
void InsertSeparator (UINT index)
void InsertString (UINT index, UINT id, const tstring &text)
 operator HMENU () const
Menuoperator= (Menu &&rhs)

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